Independent boutiques, vintage shops and specialty stores

Amsterdam’s independent shopping streets

Amsterdam is filled with streets that are as much fun to try to say as they are to shop at. A favourite is Utrechtsestraat, which is located just south of the city centre and is known for its high-end boutiques and stylish cafes. Visitors can find everything from designer clothing to artisanal chocolate, and can take a break from shopping to enjoy a coffee or cocktail at one of the many trendy bars and cafes along the way.

For aspiring foodies and shoppers alike, take a look at Van Woustraat, a street located in De Pijp neighbourhood. Here you can browse a variety of independent shops, including bakeries, cheese shops and organic grocery stores.

Up next is Haarlemmerstraat which is a charming street situated in the heart of Amsterdam and it is filled to the brim with a variety of independent shops, cafes, and restaurants all in the world-famous and unique Dutch architectural style.